Home Preparation

Learn the importance of preparing your home  for the photoshoot.

In today's market, more than 95% of home buyers go online before they ever talk to a Realtor about a house they're interested in seeing. This is why preparing the home for the photo shoot is so important. 

Overall, the rule of thumb is to put away all items that do not need to be out. Below is a list that will help have the home ready when the photographer arrives. Light staging may be necessary and will be evaluated during the shoot.


  • Make sure all unnecessary items are removed from the front and back yards, porches, patios, and anywhere else pictures may be taken. These items can be moved to the side of the house in most cases.
  • Mow the lawn and trim trees, bushes, and hedges.
  • Remove all cars from the driveway.


General Living Areas

  • Remove large furniture that is not needed
  • Remove additional items such as extra chairs, ottomans, pet items, kids' toys, etc.


  • Remove all unnecessary appliances and items from the counters including soaps, sponges, drying racks, etc.
  • Remove floor mats and garbage cans
  • Remove items from the refrigerator such as pictures, notes, and calendars


  • Make the beds
  • Pick up clothes and other unnecessary items
  • Remove floor mats


  • Remove soaps, lotions, toothbrushes, and any extra items on counters
  • Remove floor mats and garbage cans

With these points in mind, the home should be ready for the photo shoot and show how beautiful and inviting it can be.

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